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Mocha the Miniature Pinscher Dog Found in Medford, New York

Michelle contacted me because her Miniature Pinscher dog Mocha had been missing for 3 days. Michelle felt she had run out of other options.  


When I communicated with Mocha she told me that she was hiding in the next door neighbors yard close to an outdoor table with a round top and table legs that were bent outwards.  Mocha could see stairs from her hiding place.  Mocha had heard Michelle calling for her, but she had been hiding for several days and was still too scared to come out.  


Michelle knew where the next door neighbor's table was located and went over and sat quietly. Not long afterwards, Mocha crept out of hiding and into Michelle's arms.  


Michelle of Medford, New York writes:


"Thank you again for helping me bring my beautiful girl home safe."


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